About Us

We are here to stop the permanent concentrated flight paths and Heathrow expansion being given the green light, as this would have devastating consequences for Englefield Green.

We are a group of residents passionate about keeping Englefield Green and surrounding areas a peaceful place to live.

Our small group (EGAG) was formed in 2014 as a direct response to the flight routes trialled (‘Airspace Modernisation’) by Heathrow/NATS from August 2014 (curtailed 2 months early in November 2014 due to public outcry). Since then many local residents remain convinced that aircraft have not returned to their pre-trial, altitude and frequency. This is in addition to a significant increase in aircraft activity over Englefield Green in recent years. In this area, we are primarily affected by westerly take offs (which account for approximately 70% of Heathrow departures), however we also now experience disturbance from the new route introduced by NATS in June 2014 for easterly take offs (on Compton) which means that aircraft end up further north over Englefield Green than they should. Inevitably we have found that our group’s energies have been directed towards Heathrow expansion – the results of which would have dire consequences for us in the village and surrounding areas. Another runway (or extended runway) at Heathrow would mean an increase in movements (flights) from 480,000 to 740,000. The associated increase in noise and air pollution would be untenable. Expansion would also mean demands for additional housing and associated pressures on local roads, infrastructure and services. For more information please see our submission in response to the Davies Commission. We were successful in bringing about a change in Runnymede Borough Council’s stance on expansion in January 2015. We support an active and vibrant Heathrow – not an expanded one.

EGAG works closely with other community and residents’ groups and councils, both to the east and west of Heathrow, under the umbrella of CAIAN (Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise), who have recently affiliated with City and Gatwick anti-expansion groups. We also have links with HACAN and Airport Watch. We have representatives who attend the following meetings:

  • NO3R
  • Heathrow Community Noise Forum; Noise and Data Analysis at Heathrow
  • Aviation Environment Federation
  • RBWM Aviation Forum

We need your help too: please continue to log and report noise disturbance and incidents to all concerned (contacts given on the ‘Who to Contact re Noise Pollution’ page).