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Great news! Heathrow issued the following statement today:

“Heathrow Airport today announced that it will be ending the current airspace trials on 12th November, instead of its original scheduled end date of January 26th 2015. Heathrow will also be postponing trials scheduled to commence later this month.

In light of residents’ feedback and after meetings with local authorities and Members of Parliament, Heathrow asked NATS to consider shortening the trials. It is the view of NATS and Heathrow that sufficient data will have been collected by 12 November to confirm the findings of these trial. Given that is the case, the trials will stop on that date.

Additional trials scheduled to start on 20 October are being postponed until Autumn 2015

Heathrow, like other airports throughout the country, is still required to provide the necessary data to inform the Civil Aviation Authority’s plans for future airspace modernisation and will be required to run other trials in the future. The reaction to the current trials has been much stronger than previous trials held earlier this year. Heathrow will therefore review how any trials are carried out in future and will ensure the details of future trials are fully publicised to all residents.

Any permanent changes to airspace require Government approval and will be subject to full public consultation.”

Cheryl Monk
Head of Community Relations and Policy

Thanks all for your support in achieving this. Your voices have been heard. However, this is a battle won – it is not the end of the war as Heathrow may deem their curtailed trial a ‘success’ and implement the trial routes permanently.

So, what can you do now?

Keep raising awareness; keep complaining about low-flying, loud, frequent aircraft; continue to let your councillors and MP know your thoughts.  Meanwhile, the team of volunteers are working to do everything possible to restore some peace and tranquility to this area.

Runnymede council have now included info on the trials on their website and are inviting your comments. Click HERE 

Heathrow have submitted a report to the Labour Party Conference saying that local opposition to a 3rd runway has halved and that there is now 74% approval amongst local residents (within 10 miles from the airport) for expansion at the airport.  These figures may be based on responses to the loaded questions on the ‘Back Heathrow’ survey that probably arrived through your letterbox recently .


HACAN (a voice for those under the Heathrow flight path) at suggest that Zac Goldsmith’s advice is followed and that the ‘survey’ is placed in the recycling bin.