Decision on 3rd runway at Heathrow

We are concerned that many EG residents are currently not fully aware of the implications of the third runway proposal for the village. The flight path maps (see here or copy and paste link at bottom of page) which have been produced by the Davies Commission as part of their recommendations, show how life in the village will be changed for ever. I am sure we all remember the negative impact on our lives of the flight paths in last year’s flight trials. Look at the three maps which show the projected flight paths for westerly take offs from the proposed three runway Heathrow. Westerly departures (which account for some 70% of Heathrow flights), from all three proposed runways cross directly over the village Green. NO ONE in the village is going to be immune from the noise of low flying aircraft flying directly overhead.

As Christmas approaches so does the Government decision regarding expansion at Heathrow. The Davies Commission has recommended that a third runway be built at Heathrow, but the final decision has yet to be made by the Government. David Cameron no longer stands by his statement of ‘No ifs, no buts, no third runway’; it is likely that Heathrow will be the government’s choice. And it will not stop there: Heathrow has already stated that they will push for a fourth runway.

Make your voice heard: let your MP, council and local councillors know your opinion. In the meantime continue to complain to Heathrow re increased, frequent low-flying aircraft over our area.

Watch this space for more information.