EGAG meet with MP Philip Hammond

Briefly: 5 Englefield Action Group members plus Surrey Councillor Marisa Heath met with Philip Hammond in EG last night. He gave us over an hour and a half of his time during which we spoke about our concerns re his change of position; ensuring the ‘robust safeguards of the Davies report’; noise affecting the village; redesign of airspace; night flight ban (as a condition of Heathrow expansion); air quality, and briefly: surface access restrictions and local/motorway traffic.

Philip has taken various actions including chasing up results from a noise monitor we had in EG in 2015 and supporting us in installing one at Air Force Memorial; height of low-flying aircraft (investigating a poss 8% ascent out of Heathrow).

Disappointed to hear from him that just SIX locals contacted him after expansion got the green light and he articulated a changed position. He says he receives more communications in support of expansion and is of the opinion there has been a change of heart locally. If this is not the way you feel then do contact him with your thoughts.