Expansion receives the green light

On Tuesday we heard the news that we were expecting (although it didn’t make it any easier), when Heathrow expansion was given the go-ahead. As you will know that means an increase of 260,000 flights a year to 740,000 (incidentally, Heathrow has already applied for an increase to the current 480,000 legal cap to to 505,000, for a two-runways arrangement). New flight paths resulting from the third runway are proposed over Englefield Green (as per Davies Report). To add insult to injury: you may have read that Heathrow has no intention of paying for its 3rd runway infrastructure. YOU – the taxpayer – will be expected to foot their £11.5bn bill.

What you need to know

Disappointingly we can no longer count on the support of our MP, Philip Hammond, who previously advocated the Heathwick option (in fact those of you at the October 2014 meeting at the Jurgens Centre will remember him recommending this idea). For reasons known best to himself he is now lauding the Heathrow ‘solution’ and how will this ‘underpin the area’s prosperity for decades to come,’* which completely ignores the increased noise and air pollution and demands on the local infrastructure that expansion will inevitably bring.

We have invited Philip Hammond to address his constituents at a meeting in Englefield Green. Watch this space….

Whilst London (e.g. Richmond, Wandsworth) councils and local (Windsor & Maidenhead) are proposing to take legal action against the decision. Our own Runnymede Borough Council said they will not be joining any legal action due to the considerable cost. They are considering offering support (not clear at this time what ‘support’ means) to others who are, and have restated their anti-expansion position. The Council has agreed to set up a working group to look at noise and pollution associated with Heathrow. 

What you can do

You may like to contact Philip Hammond and tell him how you feel about his change of heart and withdrawal of support. [email protected]

You may like to contact your local councillors to register your feelings. You might also like to ask them what steps they are proposing to take to safeguard our area from noise and air pollution and unsustainable demands on the local infrastructure. Local councillors are: [email protected]  [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]     

You may like to consider making a contribution to organisations that are proposing a legal challenge to the government’s decision: Green Peace, Friends of the Earth.

* Tweeted by Philip Hammond this week.