Most important meeting at RBC offices this Thursday 22/1 at 1930

Please read, share and do all you can to attend the meeting at RBC offices on Thursday 22/1 at 1930. RBC will be discussing their pro-Heathrow expansion stance and voting as to whether to change it. This vote has come about solely as a result of pressure from our group.

In the meantime if you are concerned about the impact that expansion of Heathrow would have on our area e.g. increase of flights from 480,000 to 740,000 per year; strain on local infrastructure; surface access to Heathrow and surroundings; adverse effects of noise and air quality; increase in workforce from outside the area and associated strain on housing etc etc then PLEASE DO LET YOUR COUNCILLORS KNOW how you want them to act ON YOUR BEHALF. By adopting a ‘no Heathrow expansion’ position they will be falling in line with ALL other councils in the Heathrow vicinity (both to the west and east) with the exception of just Slough and Spelthorne.

All local councillor contacts can be found on the EGVRA site:

Although we expect EG councillors (or those who will attend, at least) to vote against expansion, councillors from other areas (who have not been affected by trials/new flight paths to date) have been pretty set on their ‘economic benefit’ argument – so these are the ones that need to be reached: if you are able to assist in any way, that would be great.