‘No ifs, no buts….’

Over 100 residents attended the rally in a very windy EG yesterday to air their concerns and protest against Heathrow expansion. The crowd chanted David Cameron’s pre-2010 election promise of ‘No ifs, no buts, no 3rd runway.’

HACAN (who organised the Advan) reported that the turnout had been the largest over the 3 day tour. Local councillors, including Hugh Meares and Jap Sohi, pledged their committment to doing all possible to safeguard the village from increased noise and air pollution.

NOW is the time to let those who make decisions about YOUR lives know how you feel. The contacts for the PM, MPs and councillors can be found on the www.stopegtrials.com site. Please also continue to contact Heathrow re noisy/low/off-track aircraft activity (details also on our site).