Our group’s response to the Davies Commission on airport expansion


Since forming our action group back in September as a response to the flight trials that blighted us until November, we have inevitably become drawn in to matters regarding expansion at Heathrow – as we are only too well aware of the potential negative effects on our area.

As our group’s objective is to keep the aircraft noise and activity over Englefield Green to the level that we have all been used to in recent years i.e. pre-trials, we were very interested in the Davies Commission Report on the need for another runway in the South east. So that you can be aware of the impact and implications for expansion at Heathrow for this area, I have copied our group’s response to Davies on the website, click here to access.

For those of you who want to make your own submission, there is still time: comment will be accepted up to 3rd February 2015. Davies requires that responses should follow a certain format,  please feel free to copy and paste ours or you can use a template provided by a Teddington action group; you’ll find more info and their template here.

Your response should be sent to: [email protected]

One last word – you may be aware that there is unfortunately some very biased and sensationalist reporting in both the national and local press around the subject of Heathrow. It’s sad to see this. I’m sure all sensible people will not be swayed and can draw their own conclusions.