Philip Hammond to attend meeting in EG

There will be a meeting (organised and funded by EGAG) in EG on Friday 31/3 to outline the impact of Heathrow expansion on EG; Philip Hammond will be attending for Q & A.

You will remember that PH previously promoted the ‘Gatwick’ option but is now in line with government thinking which has given Heathrow the green light. He states that Heathrow is ‘good for the UK economy’. We need some assurances that his role as chancellor does not compromise looking after the interests of his constituents. So we want to hear from him as to how he proposes to protect the area from increased air and noise pollution; demands on local infrastructure (that the construction of Heathrow will bring), and the 6 new proposed routes over EG.

I’ll be setting up an Eventbrite meeting for bookings (as we will be restricted to 300 places) and will share those details with you soonest. In the meantime, save the date.