Results from last year’s trials.

I attach here a link for a little light night-time reading: the results of last year’s trials. Lots to get stuck in to here, but for those of you who want to cut to the chase, may I suggest you fast-forward to the conclusion on the Community Document on pages 36 & 37. There you’ll see that we don’t really count because it wasn’t loud enough here (really)?? and it was no change for some who experience really loud noise anyway, and better for others who had previously been overflown because the pain was shared out to include some of us who previously had quite a tranquil existence. Oh, you might like to visit page 32 too where Heathrow attempt to diss some of the complaints.

Trial deemed a success then? Well for our friends at Heathrow and NATS it clearly appears to be.

Go to’s-airspace-trials and then you can downloand the trial report and the effects and community report from here.