Time to take action

Over the last few years Englefield Green has found itself under ‘new’ flight paths as routes that have been used for years have nudged towards us** Should Heathrow expansion be given the green light the prospects for Englefield Green, in terms of further noise and air pollution (amongst other things), are dire.

It was recently announced that the Department for Transport would be ready to make an announcement on airport expansion in the UK in September this year, and we urge you to write to the Prime Minister, sharing your experience and highlighting a few of the following vital reasons why she should not give the green light to a 3rd runway. 

  • Air Quality – With only 2 runways at the moment, air pollution around Heathrow already exceeds EU limits. An extra runway would add 300,000 extra flights and 25 million additional road passenger journeys a year creating even more pollution.
  • Health – Back in 2008, Theresa May said “I will continue to put pressure on the Government over the third runway at Heathrow as an extra 222,000 flights a year would undermine our national targets and seriously damage the health of the local community.” This comment is just as relevant to the health of local residents today as it was then. NB: deaths in Runnymede due to long-term exposure to particulates are already over 10% higher than the national average.
  • Noise – Heathrow is already the largest noise polluter in Europe. With a 3rd runway, over 1,000,000 people could be impacted from its aircraft noise.
  • Congestion –  A 3rd Runway at Heathrow would add 25 million road passenger journeys a year.
  • The Economy – The Airport Commission Report indicated that any new activity at an expanded Heathrow would be at the expense of other UK airports. A 3rd runway would stifle competition and lead to a monopoly.
  • Tax Payers Money – Transport for London believe that Heathrow have underestimated the cost of accommodating the hugely increased demand on road and rail by £18b meaning the tax payer would have to pick up the bill.
  • Deliverability – The legal case against Heathrow expansion is strong, and even if the Government gives a green light to the third runway, both Heathrow and the Government will face years of legal challenges, delaying for years and likely stopping any construction of a 3rd runway entirely.
  • All of this, plus the demolition of 1,000 homes, for only 12 more long haul destinations from Heathrow Airport.

So please take action now and pile pressure on the new Transport Secretary and the Prime Minister to ensure they make the right decision! Please encourage your friends, neighbours and family to do the same – if affected.


You can contact Theresa May in a number of ways:

Website contact: https://email.number10.gov.uk

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To email the PM Office:

[email protected].uk

Or, write to:

The Prime Minister, Theresa May:
10 Downing Street

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling:

Email: [email protected]

Or write to:

Chris Grayling,

Secretary of State for Transport

Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road


Please do (continue to) let Philip Hammond know your views:

[email protected]

Now, that Boris is in the cabinet, you may like to contact him to ensure he is still committed to his anti-expansion stance

[email protected]
** Verified by independent consultants PA Consulting; additionally the easterly Compton route also adversely affects EG after routes were changed in June 2014.